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Down-Payment Assistance For State Department Home Buyers In 22314 In Alexandria

Considering purchasing real estate? Fantastic. Andrew Patton is a resource that can assist. Photo of 1109 Queen St Often, in 22314 in Alexandria, it's cheaper for State-employees in 22314 in the City of Alexandria to buy than to rent---especially if we pick up the cash for your closing costs. If you are buying and you have a State Department connection, you'll have to scrounge up enough cash for your closing costs. That's true whether you're looking at a property such as this detached home at 1109 Queen St or any other dwelling like this $889,000 Colonial-style detached home at 1109 Queen St. But I have some excellent news: Nesbitt Realty can aid with your money for settlement fees. How much? Consider this fact: if you use Andrew Patton as your agent when you buy a home in The City of Alexandria, then Nesbitt Realty will pay a credit of $5,533 toward your funds to close. As you might expect, details and restrictions apply. For example, this offer is void where prohibited.
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty

For some buyers, our rebate can be the difference between purchasing now or next year.

Andrew Patton is a talented professional on real estate like this detached home at 1109 Queen St, and Andrew Patton works for a small real estate company. We want what's best for the client. Also, Andrew Patton will pay a State Department home-buyer credit of $5,533 toward your cash for your closing costs. Please get in touch with Andrew Patton for specifics and more about how I can help you. $889,000 // 2 BR // 2 BA // 1 HB // 1,248 SQFT // 1109 Queen St Alexandria 22314 VA // Parker Gray // We have experience working Northern Virginia and can save you thousands on your purchase.
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