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331 N Royal St, Alexandria VA 22314 Advertised For Sale

Real Estate Points In The Alexandria Area

331 N Royal St is a wonderful home, Conversely it's not for every buyer. Have you taken the time to list and prioritize what you want from a dwelling in Alexandria?

Your Nesbitt Realty agent would love to talk through your options. A few of the issues to sort through:

Do you have specific paint colors? Or, do you want to paint and pick your own colors? Do you need to think about resale value? Do you know what homes have sold for in this area? Here's what has Recently sold at The Middleton. What type of heating system do you prefer? Electric? Maybe you like natural gas or the warmth of an oil furnace? The most typical heating system in this neighborhood is forced air. Continue reading "331 N Royal St, Alexandria VA 22314 Advertised For Sale"
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